How to Start a Profitable Landscaping Business amid the Pandemic


How to Start a Profitable Landscaping Business amid the Pandemic

The US Chambers of Commerce has identified thriving industries amid the COVID-19 pandemic. These include cleaning services, delivery services, grocery stores, fitness equipment companies, and telehealth services, among many others. It’s surprising how the COVID-19 crisis has presented aspiring entrepreneurs and existing business owners with some opportunities.

But did you know that the landscaping business gets included in the list of flourishing sectors during this pandemic? It makes sense as many homeowners and property managers have thought about improving their outdoor spaces. While Forbes tagged 2020 as the Year of the Home, they considered 2021 as the year of the yard.

As such, it’s a good idea to offer landscaping services while we’re still in a pandemic. That said, here’s how to start a profitable landscaping business:

1. Study the landscaping market in your locality

As with any business, the initial step to take is to study the market. It’s good that landscaping service is a flourishing business during this pandemic. However, it pays to check how this industry fares in your locality. Either it’s already thriving, or you’re the first one to take the plunge. If it’s the latter, ensure your business will resonate with your target market in your area.

2. Check the landscaping needs of local households and property managers

In line with studying the market, you must check the landscaping needs of local households and property managers in your area. Do a little research and perform due diligence to see if they need to boost their outdoor spaces. Assess if you’re only willing to cater to residential properties or you’re planning to handle commercial spaces as well. Finally, check to see if they need lawn care, outdoor gardening, and hardscape installation.

3. Set the primary goals of your landscaping business

Once you’ve determined the need for landscaping in your area, you can go ahead and launch your business. But before taking the plunge, start with setting business goals. From a budding landscaping company, you probably want to grow your business into a highly reliable company. However, be specific with your business goals, whether short-term or long-term.

4. Assess your finances and set your overall budget

Finance is the most crucial part of running a business. As much as possible, set your overall budget in launching a landscaping service in your locality. Be sure to consider your capital outlay like the property construction or lease, tools and equipment purchase, raw material expenses, wages of your landscaping contractors, and the initial operational costs. With your business finance in place, you’ll be able to set your landscaping on the right footing.

5. Hire and work with the right stakeholders involved


When starting and running a landscaping business, you will be working with some stakeholders involved. Aside from catering to your target clients, you need to get the best raw material suppliers and landscaping contractors. As such, you must be highly critical and selective in the screening process. Be sure to factor in their landscaping knowledge, skills, areas of expertise, and industry experiences. By doing so, you’ll be able to hire the right people and start your business in the right direction.

6. Take advantage of digital marketing

Once you launch your landscaping service, implementing digital marketing is essential. In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the need for businesses to employ online marketing strategies. Some strategies to consider are search engine optimization (SEO) for online visibility, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising for website traffic, and content marketing for business branding. Also, consider email marketing for service promotion and social media management for client engagement. Ultimately, implementing digital marketing campaigns can take your business up a notch!

7. Aim for business sustainability and certification

When running a business, it’s best to take one step at a time. While it’s true, it makes a world of difference if you’re looking to grow and expand your business in time. Sure, you may take it slowly but surely; however, look forward to the future. You must have business sustainability in mind and strive to earn certification such as the ISO 9001 quality management system certification. By doing so, you’ll be able to grow and sustain your business for the long term.

Starting a landscaping business is profitable and rewarding. However, it’s best to launch it with long-term business goals in mind. Be sure to follow the practical steps recommended above, from studying the landscaping market and setting your budget to aiming for business sustainability and certification. With all these in mind, you’ll be able to jump-start your landscaping business and navigate it in the right direction. Ultimately, you’ll see it grow and flourish amid the crisis and in the long run.

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