Sprinkler Snags: Diagnosing Common Problems

sprinkler on a grass lawn

Sprinkler Snags: Diagnosing Common Problems

Lawns and landscapes would not be half as beautiful as they are today without sprinklers and irrigation systems. We usually ignore these things until they stop working and our green spaces dry up. Well, it’s time to change that. The more we understand the things we use regularly, the better we can address problems when they start appearing. In the case of sprinklers, some problems occur more commonly than others.

Some sprinkler problems can be fixed the DIY way, but they can get be tricky if one doesn’t have the tools or the know-how. For complex issues and repairs that you are not deeply familiar with, leave them in the hands of experts. It is ideal to look for irrigation experts in Perth instead of fixing the sprinklers yourself. Here are three common problems with sprinkler systems:

Insufficient Water Pressure

Usually, homeowners find that their sprinklers barely spray any water, to the point that some sprinkler heads won’t even pop up. This issue can stem from multiple causes. For instance, the backflow device might not be working. This is usually found aboveground, where the water is split into separate heads for release.

A pipe leak can also be causing this particular problem. Take a look around your lawn and spot any wet spots, areas where there’s water gurgling up or pooling. Repairing the water line might be necessary in cases like this. However, if there seems to be no leak, consider that the water can be restricted from flowing properly along the irrigation line. Tree roots or anything substantial like a car could have compressed the soil and the pipe underneath it. Digging up the lawn and finding the restricted pipe might be the solution.

Some Sprinkler Heads Won’t Work

close up photo of sprinklerThere are instances when you find certain sprinkler heads not working. The most typical cause of this is physical damage to the sprinkler heads, so inspect them accordingly. At times, the sprinkler head might just be clogged up by debris, in which case all you need to do is to clean the affected heads. If this is not the case, you have to replace the sprinkler head completely.

Sprinkler Zones Are Malfunctioning

Some sprinklers are programmed to function on specific zones, and if they malfunction, the problem is straightforward to spot. Most of the time, this is an electrical problem, with the signals unable to travel from the controller to the valve solenoids accurately. Insufficient voltage can result in one zone going inactive, and issues with the transformer can lend all zones unusable. In rare instances, this problem can arise from a faulty valve that needs replacement.

In the end, knowing what might be the cause of your sprinkler’s malfunction makes it easier to address the problem. Keep this information in mind, and you can keep your lawn verdant. However, it’s best to avoid DIY projects. If you’re not confident about your repair skills, you should not hesitate to seek the help of a professional. Otherwise, you might waste time and money.

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