How Pandemic Gardeners Are Taking Gardening to the Next Level


How Pandemic Gardeners Are Taking Gardening to the Next Level

For most people, the COVID-19 crisis is one of the most unexpected and stressful situations many have faced. No one predicted that a virus as strong as this one can force most of the world to isolate themselves, distance themselves from other people in public, and cause an enormous amount of stress. To cope, people looked for ways to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Gardening as a Form of Self-Care

One hobby that boomed and continues to do so in the middle of the crisis is gardening. People’s busy lifestyles mainly revolved at home. They found gardening to be a relaxing hobby that takes their minds off the pandemic, even for a short period.

Gardening is thriving during the pandemic. This relaxing activity offers a great daily exercise that everyone can enjoy. Even if you are not born with a green thumb, there are ways you can enjoy gardening.

Some homeowners went on creating a vegetable garden in their backyards. This enables them to grow their vegetables, ease their boredom, and even feed the whole family with healthy and organic products. Others invested in a beautiful lawn while others tended to flowering plants.

Some people went on taking care of indoor plants. Social media played a massive role in the pandemic plant craze. Many consumers invested in houseplants after seeing their favorite influencers and social media connections have a love affair with indoor plants.

Many millennials associate tending to houseplants with self-care since they embrace physical and mental health perks. They get to appreciate the beauty of nature in the form of their favorite potted plants while escaping their day-to-day hustles. Indoor gardening, in essence, is helping people navigate the pandemic with better mental and physical health.


Taking Pandemic Gardening to the Next Level

Some people think one only has a few gardening options to choose from. One can choose between a beautiful lawn, a flower garden, a vegetable backyard garden, an indoor garden, or a beautiful landscape with a mix of these options. In reality, there are many ways home gardeners can take their game to another level with the help of modern technology.

Gardening with Drones

Farmers often invest in farming drones for sale to help make their operations more efficient, less risky, productive, and cost-effective. Drones in farming can water crops, spray pesticides, determine soil health, identify crop health, and even asses crop readiness for harvest. With the help of drones, farmers can boost their safety, save time, increase yield production, and increase their savings in the long run.

If you have a vast gardening landscape, you may find it hard to monitor your garden on your own. You need to check on your crops daily, assess soil health, and make sure you tend to your plants as often as needed. Drones can help you with gardening-related activities and increase the safety of the space.

Vertical Gardening

This type of technology is not limited to large-scale industrial farming. Many homeowners now incorporate such designs to improve their homes and make gardening possible in such a limited space. Often called vertical walls, such an investment enables homeowners to improve indoor air quality, make the space more energy-efficient, and decrease ambient temperature.

Vertical gardening has two additional perks that many people are addicted to. The first is that vertical gardens look good and absorb 41 percent more noise than regular walls. This means it can absorb more noise, making rooms less echoey.

Vertical walls also help in increasing your productivity levels. Since sheltering in place also meant remote work for most office workers, this form of gardening can help in increasing your productivity levels as you work from home. This helps improve the ambiance of your space, which in turn can influence one’s productivity levels.

Gardening into a Career

Due to the increasing demand for houseplants and gardening essentials, many home gardeners turned their hobby into a full-time career. They can generate income by growing more plants than they can handle and selling these to other nature lovers.

Others hopped in the trend by sharing their gardening experiences online. They turned into bloggers and vloggers, sharing insights and what knowledge they learned to help others start the hobby of gardening. Others want to start their own growing edible crops for a living.

The gardening industry continues to thrive thanks to the crisis. This became a go-to hobby and self-care strategy for many people of all ages while sheltering in place. Those who are now dedicated gardeners are currently looking for ways to challenge themselves and take their craft to the next level.

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