Millennials and Outdoor Living: Why They Crave this Life

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Millennials and Outdoor Living: Why They Crave this Life

Something about the great outdoors makes people crave being around nature. We find peace and quiet looking at plants, feeling the crashing waves in our feet, and feeling the cold breeze fanning our faces. With everything that the great outdoors has to offer, there’s no wonder why more people, especially millennials, are investing in outdoor living.

Why Millennials Are in Love with Outdoor Living

Generation Y has different motivations for loving the outdoors. Here are the top reasons millennials are the ultimate outdoor consumers.

Boost Physical and Mental Health

Spending time outdoors offer tons of health benefits. For one, being surrounded by nature helps lower your stress levels, decrease anxiety, improve your mood, and even boost life satisfaction. So many activities can be done around nature that help improve your mental health.

Don’t forget about the physical health perks of getting and spending time outdoors. Science shows that being outdoors can improve physical health by:

  • Improving sleep
  • Burning more calories
  • Increasing Vitamin D levels
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Boosting the body’s immune system
  • Improving your quality of sleep
  • Improving social interaction

Enjoy Family Experience

Millennials are not only embracing the great outdoors on their own. In reality, they try to involve their family and introduce their love for the great outdoors. They are known for their love of experience and are willing to share the great outdoor experience with the ones they love.

This is why millennials often explore the outdoors with family and friends. It is true that many millennials are into solo living. But that does not necessarily mean they only want to experience outdoor living by themselves.

Have Fun

Many people these days are experiencing extreme stress. Millennials have so many things on their plate, and now they deserve to take a break from their financial, social, and personal problems, to name a few. Despite their problems, they manage to enjoy outdoor fun.

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How Millennials Are Embracing Outdoor Living

Millennials, or Generation Y, are investing more of their time outdoors. They are into outdoor sports and recreation and turn their home into the ultimate outdoor living space. Some even took outdoor living to the next level by buying themselves a recreational vehicle, one that can help start a great life.

Outdoor Sports and Recreation

Many people call millennials the wellness generation. They spend more money on health and wellness stuff than any other generation. For one, they are into outdoor sports and recreational activities that allow them to stay fit and active.

For one, millennials are taking their fitness regime outdoors. They no longer want to stay cooped up inside the house or fitness centers when exercising. Aside from doing yoga and lifting weights in their outdoor living space, they are more into brisk walking, running, and trail activities.

Some are also investing in outdoor sports equipment. Dirt bike riding is a big hit for those who love to feel the rush while being in nature. Some are even learning to make their dirt bike street legal so that they start using their fast bikes on the roads.

Outdoor Living Space Investments

Millennials are also likely to invest in their outdoor living space. They are not simply improving their home for aesthetic and maintenance purposes. They also like outdoor home improvements to satisfy their cravings for being with nature.

Home gardening became a booming industry, especially after people started sheltering in place. The pandemic made people spend more of their time indoors, making more people turn to other ways to spend time with nature while reducing their exposure to the outside world. They quickly found out that tending to plants can be satisfying, relaxing, and stress-reducing.

Other outdoor living space improvements common to modern homeowners are as follows:

  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Swimming pools
  • Outdoor patio
  • Pergolas
  • Fire pits
  • Fireplaces

RV Living

Modern nomads who can’t get enough to travel and nature made the decision to skip real homeownership by investing in their own RV. Recreational vehicles allow them to live on the road, constantly moving from one place to another, so they can be around nature for as long as they like. They get to spend time on the road without worrying about their shelter.

Some millennials embracing RV living made the conscious decision to reduce their monthly expenses. Some are also into RV living since this enables them to commit to their love of traveling while in their homes. This also helps them live a more minimalist and mindful lifestyle.

Outdoor living has its many perks. This made more consumers, especially millennials embrace the great outdoors. They do this not only for themselves but also to experience outdoor living with their loved ones and boost their overall health and wellness.

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