Home by the Beach: Designing a Stunning Beachfront Landscape


Home by the Beach: Designing a Stunning Beachfront Landscape

So you’ve just bought a vacant piece of land in a coastal area that’s easily accessible and offers a magnificent view of the sea. You are planning to build a structure that will serve as your forever home or rest house. As you design the house, you should not forget one important aspect that works best for beachfront properties: the landscape.

Landscaping involves many things, such as growing the most appropriate plants and changing the landscape by adding a variety of land and water features. These include garden gnomes, sculptures, water fountains, and huge flower pots.

Here are some landscaping ideas you should consider when you build a house in your beachfront property:

Choose your plants wisely

Plants play a very important role in a landscaping project. They give the landscape a lively and stunning appearance. Choose the types of plants that are appropriate for the climate and the type of soil in the place, which is a bit sandy, for sure.

There are plants that thrive in sandy soil and hot climates. Some species or varieties also grow all year round while others are seasonal. Be careful when making decisions, as these will affect the look of your landscape and your finances. If you have no idea which plants should grow in your landscape, consult an experienced landscape artist or arborist.

Consider adding a pier or boat dock

boat dock

A beachfront home will be more beautiful and functional if it has a pier. This will be useful, especially if you are planning to buy a pontoon boat for your regular weekend fishing or boating trips. Your loved ones and guest will also appreciate the pier, as it will be a great place to relax and witness the lovely sunset.

The pier can also be an extension of your landscape. If your house is elevated, you can build a path walk or stairs surrounded by flowering plants.

Height matters

We all know that water usually rises in coastal areas. That is why you need to protect your property, especially the metal components, against corrosion. Building your house in an elevated area is a good way to do this.

Making sure the house is elevated helps prevent water from damaging your plants and affecting the chemical composition of the soil. But you have to be sure that the soil is intact to avoid erosion, landslide, or foundation problems.

Don’t forget the irrigation

The plants need sufficient water to survive the scorching heat of the sun. You need a reliable supply of clean water to sustain the lives of your plants and the animals that live in your landscape. A good irrigation system will be a wise investment. You may use a traditional hose to water the plants or invest in an automatic sprinkler system to make things easier.

Owning a property by the beach is just a dream for many. If you are capable and lucky enough to score such a coveted estate, make the most of it by investing in its design and landscaping. This will also increase the value of the property.

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