The Best Exotic Animals You Can Have

leopard gecko

The Best Exotic Animals You Can Have

Pets are an essential part of our household life. Without pets, our homes wouldn’t be the same. They help us find some happiness in life and also help us know that there will always be someone waiting for us to get home. However, sometimes we’d like to have a pet that’s quite different from the norm. May it be a rare breed of dog or an outright snake, exotic pets can undoubtedly spice up our lives.

Many Americans own an exotic pet. This number continues to grow every year. If you’re someone who wants to have an exotic pet of your own, then you might want to choose ones that won’t require too much special care or attention. Here are some exotic animals that need little maintenance.

Halloween Moon Crab

There are about six thousand species of crabs worldwide, but most of them can be boring if you want a colorful aquarium. However, one crab species that certainly stands out is the Halloween moon crab.

It’s called a Halloween moon crab because of its mix of colors: red, purple, and black. Some other species might have unique colors and spots to them as well. They are a fine addition to your aquarium, and the best part of it is that they don’t need any special care. Just treat them like any other crab, and they’ll be fine.

They don’t have a specific diet and can consume all sorts of food. Furthermore, they don’t need a big tank to survive. Your average tank should suffice. However, they do need to live in salt water, but that’s something you should supply in your local pet store.

Bearded Dragon

One of the main reasons we don’t like to have reptilian pets is that they tend to be aggressive. But it’s not their fault. It’s part of their instinct. However, the bearded dragon is one of the most docile pets you can ever have. They can even behave much better than your domestic dog or cat.

Having a bearded dragon does not require extra care. In most cases, you have to feed it and give it some attention. Space is important for these creatures, though, so make sure you get a large tank for them. Also, make sure to wash your hands frequently when interacting with them. They are known to harbor the salmonella bacteria on their skin and waste.

bearded dragon

Leopard Geckos

Another reptilian pet you should have in your exotic is our leopard geckos. Much like the bearded dragon, this pet is quite docile.

Leopard geckos are considered to be beginner-friendly exotic pets. They don’t require special attention aside from needing live insects for their diet. However, its agility can be hard to manage. They can also be tough to catch once they’ve escaped their tank. So make sure to give them a tank that’s big enough so they can’t leap out of it.

If you’re a reptile collector, they can be an amazing part of your collection. Their spotted skin and variety of colors can certainly add to their personality.

Lagotto Romagnolo

If you love dogs, then this one is a must-get: the Lagotto Romagnolo. A mouthful for a rare breed of dogs, but it’s one of the most adorable breeds out there.

This breed of dogs loves spending time in cold climates but can live in warmer ones. They love playing and are easy to train because they were one of the few breeds that were revived by mankind through breeding. This exotic breed can make your home a fun and active place. They don’t also grow that big, making them safe for your children.

This breed lives quite similar to other dogs and requires no special attention. However, be careful transporting this dog though. Make sure to hire a professional dog transportation service provider to do this. Their hair tends to fall off quite easily depending on the climate, and they have sensitive skin. This is why you need professional help when transporting this one-of-a-kind dog breed.


Another breed of dog that’s quite rare and exotic is the otterhound. The otterhound is a very hairy dog that loves nature. However, its hairy exterior can mean that you might spend a bit more on grooming.

If you’re an outdoor lover, this dog is for you. This breed loves exploring the wilderness, and they are also easy to train. Some farmers in the U.S. use them to track down pests like rats in their lands. They behave and have a diet like any other dog, so they don’t need special care.

So these are some great exotic and rare dog breeds you should consider getting if you want something new in your life. These pets require no special care or attention, aside from the things we normally do for our pets. So if you’re a beginner to exotic pets, start with the ones on this list.

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