How to Decorate a Second Floor Outdoor Space


How to Decorate a Second Floor Outdoor Space

Having an outdoor space at home is a huge advantage because it serves as an additional living area where residents can relax, dine, hang out with friends, work out under the sun, and more. It’s a good feature, too, that can raise the resale value of the property in the future because everyone wants a home with an outdoor space to enjoy.

A second-floor outdoor space is even better because you can get a view of the surroundings and see what’s happening in your neighborhood. If you’re looking for tips on how to decorate this outdoor space, keep reading.


Choose Comfortable Furniture That Doesn’t Require Cushions

Furnishing an outdoor space doesn’t require too much effort because all you need are comfortable chairs and tables set out in an area with decent lighting. You don’t want to use cushions because they can easily get wet when it rains, but if you insist on using them, make sure they’re water-resistant.

You don’t have to get too extravagant with the design, so get something minimalist that’s easy to move around.

It’s also preferable to use plastic or metal furniture since they’re lightweight and can resist splashes of water when it rains. If you want a more elegant look, go for a trendy wicker or teak wood furniture instead.

However, be careful about the weight of each item. Make sure that the structure can handle heavy items. It will become dangerous if the space becomes too heavy because of all the furniture you’ve placed around it. Speak to your local contractor to ask for advice.

Protect the Furniture from the Sun and Rain with Covers or Roofs

If there’s no roof or gazebo in your second-floor outdoor space, you might want to consider placing umbrellas so you can enjoy being outside without going under the sun. You can also get a cover or awning for your outdoor area so you can stay in when it rains and when strong winds blow.

Better yet, ask around about under deck ceiling systems. One of the benefits of an under deck ceiling system is drainage; it will avert rainwater from accumulating on the space which can compromise the integrity of the structure.

Add Tall Plants for Privacy and Decor

If you want privacy in your second-floor outdoor space, consider adding plants that are at least 15 feet tall. Not only will they provide the level of privacy you need when you’re enjoying a cup of coffee or lunch outside, but they also add life to the area because greenery is always good for the eyesight and for calming down.

If you don’t have a lot of space, a vertical garden can give you the same effect. Vertical gardens don’t only serve as decoration, but also allow you to save space and maximize the use of your outdoor area. It’s a win-win situation!

Hang Lamps for Additional Lighting

When it gets dark, you can transform your second-floor outdoor space into a cozy hangout spot where you can entertain friends or just relax and read a good book. To light up the area, install lamps so you can see things clearly.

You have several options to choose from: floor lamps, table lamps, bare bulb lights, string lights, and more.

For floor lamps, choose something that’s tall and heavy enough to withstand strong winds. Don’t forget about the light bulbs too; choose wattage that won’t strain your electrical system when you turn on the lights at night.

For table lamps, you have the option to go for lamps that are just as tall as your coffee or dining table or something that’s half their height. You can also opt for a different version of the same item, like teardrop-shaped floor lamps instead of cone-shaped ones.

When it comes to string lights, you can add them up high, so they don’t get in the way of any furniture pieces or you can also hang them on lower levels and connect them to dimmer switches. You can place these lights over your dining table, around your living room area, and even inside your walk-in closet for an added dose of romance to your evening routine.

There are battery-powered and solar-powered lights if you don’t want to deal with electric wiring.

The most important thing is to make your second-floor outdoor space reflect who you are as an individual and what you enjoy doing when you’re spending time outdoors. With your creativity and a little of effort, you’ll get lots of use out of the space you’ll create!

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