Cooking Oil: 15 Ways to Recycle Used Cooking Oil

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Cooking Oil: 15 Ways to Recycle Used Cooking Oil

In this time, when everyone is conscious about climate change and all the other environmental concerns, the green movement is affecting the way we utilize almost everything, from converting retail shops into more environment-friendly hubs down to recycling simple household items such as cooking oil.

GF Commodities announced a few months ago some commercial uses for recycled cooking oil. Instead of disposing of oil in the sink or the garbage, there are other ways of maximizing it and putting it to good use. Some cities even have services that pick-up used cooking oil and bring them to oil recycling facilities.

15 Ways to Recycle Used Cooking Oil

1. Biodiesel Fuel

While there are kits available to convert used cooking oil into biodiesel fuel, it is best left in the hands of professionals who can fully and effectively utilize it.

2. Food for animals

Adding used cooking oil in your dog or cat’s food will help make it a lot tastier for them and help keep their coats shiny and clean.

3. Composting

Adding a bit of used vegetable oil in a compost pit helps feed the worms that are crucial for the composting process. Just remember to use only vegetable oil and not any animal-based oil so you do not attract nuisance animals and prevent pathogen build-up.

4. Cleaning the car

Get rid of grime, pollen, dust, mud, and other gunk from your car by wiping the affected areas with used cooking oil using a rag.

5. Make gardening tools non-stick

Coat your gardening tools with used cooking oil to prevent mud and grass from sticking on your trowels, shovels, and lawnmower blades.

6. Protection for pots and pans

For new pots and pans, wash them thoroughly and rub used oil on the surface before you use them. Doing so will help keep them protected from getting damaged by the heat and fire.

7. Moisturizer for hair

Heat about half a cup of used cooking oil and let it cool down a bit to lukewarm. Apply on your scalp and gently massage. Once you’re done, shampoo your hair and rinse well to get the oil off.

8. Paint remover

Having trouble getting rid of paint residue from your hands? Just rub the affected area with some cooking oil and let sit for five minutes. Wash your hands thoroughly afterward to get rid of the paint and the oil.

9. Ingredient for soap

Repurpose your cooking oil by using it as an ingredient to make lye soap.

10. Wicker furniture and rattan protection

As wicker furniture and those made from rattan are prone to cracking, a simple way of protecting them from cracks is rubbing some used cooking oil on the furniture with a clean piece of cloth.

11. Preserve leather

Preserve and soften your leather by wiping it down with used cooking oil.

12. Furniture polish and conditioner

Mixing equal parts of used cooking oil and vinegar makes for a good and practical wood furniture polish. Applying the mixture on your wooden furniture can help restore the material and make it look brand spanking new.

13. Oil for lamp

Used cooking oil can also be utilized as fuel for a night lamp.

14. Lubricant for a key lock

For bothersome key locks that keep getting stuck at home, a little dab of used cooking oil ought to do the trick.

15. Household lubricant.

Bottle pouring virgin olive oil in a bowl close up

From squeaky door hinges to rusty locks, used cooking oil makes for an effective lubricant. Applying this on metal tools and objects help prevent rusting.

There are tons more uses for used fryer oil whether it is vegetable oil or animal-based oil. If you find you have absolutely no use for it, get in touch with Earth 911 for the nearest recycling facility or buyer.

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