Choosing a Trustworthy Landscaping Contractor

Gardener Installing Natural Grass Turfs

Choosing a Trustworthy Landscaping Contractor

A 2015 survey reveals that most Americans believe that having a well-maintained yard is essential, and yet many of us still hire teenagers to mow our lawns. Although we should encourage young individuals to be responsible at their age, we should leave lawn care to real experts to ensure flawless work.

In Utah, hiring a professional to landscape your yard costs more than paying a teenager manicure your lawn, but it is worth the extra cash. But what is challenging, though, is choosing a reliable landscaper or sprinkler contractor in Sandy, Provo, or Ogden.

While a landscaping project may seem simple, many things can go wrong in it. It is imperative to hire a company that you can trust to protect your best interests in case of an accident and to avoid getting ripped off one way or another. Follow the tips below to size up your prospective landscaping professional.

Find Out if the Professional You Need Must Have a License

In the Beehive State, landscapers need to obtain a Utah Landscape Architect License to ply their trade. Using an unlicensed contractor may save you some money, but you might have no recourse to make the other party accountable in case something goes wrong. The state may have difficulty attending to your claim if the contractor you hire should not be doing the job in the first place.

But then again, some landscaping work may not require licensed help. Call the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing office to learn more.

Ask for Proof of Insurance

Apart from being properly licensed, a trustworthy landscaper is also adequately insured. But do not take any proof of insurance at face value. Verify the legitimacy of the document by contacting the insurer itself.

If your landscaper is going to use subcontractors, make sure the third party is likewise licensed and insured. Exercise the same level of scrutiny when checking their documentation.

Check With the Better Business Bureau

Landscaping Contractor Planning Landscape

Nine times out of 10, a company that is not accredited by the BBB is probably hiding some dirt. Run a quick background check through the BBB website to determine whether your prospective landscaper has accreditation. If the company has no record with the organization, carefully check your contractor’s credentials before hiring to make sure you will be in good hands.

Say No to an Over-the-phone Estimate

No self-respecting landscaping professional gives an estimate without inspecting the site first. It is not enough to explain what you need since you probably know do not know the exact service you need to attain your lawn improvement goals. When a landscaper insists on offering a bid over the phone and skip a yard inspection, take your business elsewhere.

Do Not Sign Anything You Have Not Read

Your initial meeting with your prospective landscaper gives you an idea about how agreeable the professional is. However, realize that your contractor has no legal responsibility to fulfill any verbal promises made to you unless they are in writing.

Review every word in the contract before signing on the dotted line. Otherwise, you may inadvertently agree for the other party not to do what you thought it would do. If you find missing or inaccurate details, clarify them with your contractor right away and demand the necessary corrections.

Beautiful landscaping can increase your home’s curb appeal big time as well as its perceived value. With so much at stake, you owe it to yourself to choose a landscaper carefully.

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