Business Startups: Pandemic-Proof Businesses You Can Start This Year

Business Startups: Pandemic-Proof Businesses You Can Start This Year

The pandemic has damaged various industries and markets this year. However, some markets have emerged from the ashes. These markets are known to be resilient against the pandemic.

Ensuring that you’re in the right market is crucial if you want your start-up to succeed. That’s why you should choose a pandemic-proof business that doesn’t require too much effort and money to start.

Virtual Classes

The pandemic has changed the way we learn. Virtual classes are becoming the only way we know, and it’s becoming one of the best businesses to start during the pandemic.

Virtual classes are a huge need in the US, not just for the academic system but for people who want to learn new skills and gain new knowledge during the pandemic. The overall market is expected to reach $24 billion in 2026, with a healthy compound annual growth rate of 17%. That’s a pretty good indicator that there’s enough room for you to start your business in the market.

Entering this market is as simple as becoming an online tutor. If there is a particular subject that you excel in, you can utilize that to teach children struggling with their schoolwork. If you’re someone who plays an instrument at an expert level, you can teach others how to play that instrument too. There are so many options in starting in this market that it’s worthwhile exploring them.
Moreover, this market isn’t affected by the fluctuations of a pandemic economy, nor will it change once the pandemic stops.

Ghost Kitchens

Another market that has grown rapidly during the pandemic is ghost kitchens. Ghost kitchens have a simple business model: make food and sell it. There are no waiters, no place to eat, and no other bills you have to pay aside for the kitchen. This is why it is so famous nowadays. If a customer wants your food, they order it from a food delivery app, and the food will be there in mere minutes.

Starting a ghost kitchen is all about logistics. First, you’re going to need to find a perfect low-rent commercial space and purchase necessary cooking supplies inside. Next, find a local grocer who’s willing to give you a discount for buying in bulk. Then once you have the essentials done, you start marketing your kitchen through social media and other online platforms.

Location doesn’t play a big part in this market compared to restaurants since you’re going to get your product delivered anyways. But it’s always good to be in a city with a high concentration of food deliveries, like New York or San Francisco.
Currently, this market is expected to reach a trillion in 2030. Once again, it’s another business idea that isn’t affected by the pandemic, and after positive reception from customers, it seems that it will stay for many years to come.


brown boxes

Dropshipping has become one of the biggest markets in e-commerce way before the pandemic has even hit. Now that people are purchasing more online, dropshipping is an essential market to connect consumers and online businesses.

Starting a dropshipping business is quite simple. First, you have to find a market that you can excel in, but dropshipping electronics or electrical supplies is always a good idea if you can’t find one. It’s a consistent market that barely experiences fluctuations because almost every industry requires electrical supplies. Another good market is fashion since almost everyone purchases their apparel online nowadays.
Once you’ve chosen a market, you should find a manufacturer that’s right for you.

Do your research, and make sure to find a local manufacturer, because that’ll make your life a lot easier. Then after that, it’s all about marketing your online business.

You might have noticed that getting your presence known is important from all the other businesses on this list. That’s why so many entrepreneurs have started their own advertising companies during the pandemic.

Online Advertising

The field of online advertising is diverse. It’s one that continues to change almost every month. The landscape is no longer the same as it was a couple of months ago. That’s why almost any entrepreneur with an idea can start their first business in online advertisements.
Online advertising is all about creativity, and if you have a couple of creative ideas in mind, you can make it work. Additionally, if you’re good at animating and guerrilla filmmaking, you can make online ads with a meager budget. It can be one of the most profitable businesses you can start this year. However, it can also be one of the riskiest.

Marketing is a very competitive sector, and you could easily get left behind if you don’t keep up with the trends. So do your research and look for any patterns that will discern where the sector will head into the future.
Starting a pandemic-proof business doesn’t mean that you’re ensured success during the pandemic. It will still require a lot of dedication and work. So choose one that fits you and get it going this year.

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