Smart Gadgets to Get for Automation in Home

Smart Gadgets to Get for Automation in Home

Smart Gadgets to Get for Automation in Home

Technological advances saw the rise of smart devices that can make lives comfortable and convenient. These internet-connected smart home devices are a far cry from the bulky and expensive controls used in the past. They are now smaller, more affordable, and easier to use. A 2016 survey showed that more Americans are embracing automation in-home devices.

The widespread acceptance of these devices made it possible for manufacturers to develop more products that people can integrate into homes.

Best Home Automation Ideas

The home automation trend is expected to continue, and by 2022, it is estimated that the number of connected devices will reach 13 billion. This increase in the use of automation in homes will present several opportunities for those looking to make their homes smarter. Here are 10 must-have smart home gadgets that you should consider for your home in 2022:

Smart Speakers

smart speakers
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A smart speaker or digital assistant is a good start if you want to automate the home. Voice command allows you to set timers, play music and podcasts, and control other smart devices. You might want one for the living room as a way to control several connected devices.

Smart Home Platform

A smart home platform or smart home hub is similar to a smart speaker, but it provides better automation in the home. But you need an app to issue voice commands to the platform. It also has better control over devices and can perform more actions, such as opening doors or setting alarms. Popular intelligent home platforms include Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa.

Smart Plugs

Smart plugs are affordable, user-friendly devices allowing homeowners to turn any electronic device or home appliance into a smart one. A smart plug is a power plug that connects power cords into sockets to allow homeowners remotely control devices or appliances.

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats make the home comfortable while increasing energy efficiency, allowing you to save money. It can be programmed to turn on and off at certain times. The device controls the cooling and heating system of the home. Smart thermostats can also automatically adjust the temperature based on your unique schedule. Aside from automatically setting the home temperature, you can make your life easier by using a mobile app to adjust the device manually.

Smart Lights

smart lights home automation
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Smart light bulbs are among the most popular home gadgets on the market. They allow you to control the lighting in every room of your house without touching a single light switch. Sensors can turn on lights when someone is in a room, which can be especially useful in hallways and staircases.

An outdoor smart light bulb is also available to enhance your backyard and make it an oasis even after the sun sets. You can use them to create different lighting scenes for different occasions. Whether you’re hosting a party or just enjoying a quiet night at home, smart night lights can help set the mood. They are also ideal for keeping your property secure when installing outdoor lights with motion sensors.

Smart Locks

Another innovative home technology that you can use is a smart lock. Smart locks are electronic locks that use a wireless protocol to receive instructions from an authorized device using a cryptographic key. It can also be used to monitor access and send alerts.

One of the benefits of using these door locks is that they can increase home security. A smart lock can be programmed to allow only authorized devices to access the lock. This can prevent unauthorized entry into your home.

Smart Doorbell

Smart doorbells or video doorbells allow you to see and speak with visitors without opening the front door. These internet-connected devices notify you when someone is at your door through a smartphone app. Using the doorbell’s built-in high-definition camera, you can then use the app to watch and talk with the visitor.

Connecting the smart device with a smart lock allows you to remotely open the door without being physically present. This is a convenient feature, especially if you are expecting a delivery or want to let a friend into your home without having to be there in person.

Smart Security System

A smart security system integrates different smart security devices in the house, including a smart lock and security camera. Homeowners can control the system and connected devices through a mobile app and receive notifications whenever an alarm is triggered.

It gives homeowners the convenience of not having to worry about keys and the peace of mind knowing that their home is secure. The home security system can unlock the door and turn the lights automatically before entering the house. It will automatically lock the door when they are inside the house.

Smart Windows

Smart windows feature glass that blocks certain light wavelengths by changing from transparent to translucent. The smart technology it uses controls heat and light entering the home. It also ensures homeowners have privacy by not allowing people to see inside.

The technology uses materials that are photochromic, thermochromic, or electrochromic. It creates climate adaptive shells around the building. These shells adjust natural light, reduce your energy bill, and resist extreme weather conditions.

Smart Garage Door Opener

Smart garage door openers function similarly to a smart lock and allow you to open your garage door using a smartphone. You can also integrate the garage door system into your security system. It will send an alert whenever the garage door opens and closes. The device may also have other features, including programmable lights. These features can also enhance your home’s curb appeal.

What is Home Automation?

A home automation system integrates various electronic devices in your home so that they can communicate and are controlled by a central device. Home automation systems can range from simple to complex, and they can use them to control anything from your home’s lighting and temperature to your security system and entertainment system.

A home automation system work through a network of devices connected through different communication protocols. It works on three levels:

  • Monitoring: The system allows users to check their devices using a mobile app remotely.
  • Controlling: The system will enable users to control connected devices remotely, such as turning the living room lights on or off.
  • Automation: The system sets devices to trigger each other, such as the smart alarm going off after carbon monoxide detectors detect the presence of the gas.

What is a Smart Home?

A smart home that features devices connected to the internet and controlled by a mobile application is an excellent way for users to control many aspects of their homes, from lights to security systems to appliances. Home automation can make life much more convenient and save energy. Many new homes are being built with an intelligent system from the original construction. But, technically, any home with an internet connection and IoT devices can be a smart home.

In 2022, people should expect more smart home automation features to emerge in the market. As technology continues to advance, people are looking to integrate cool home automation ideas into their lives.

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