6 Tips on Starting an Embroidery Business at Home

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6 Tips on Starting an Embroidery Business at Home

If needlework is your cup of tea, then you might want to consider setting up a home-based venture that has a steady market. Starting an embroidery business not only lets you flex your creative muscles; it also promises a good and reliable income. With your knowledge and the right tools, you can succeed in a venture that has a low startup cost and a high sales potential.

Why is embroidery a viable business idea? Here are six tips to get you on the right footing:

1. Low cost of supplies

A commercial-grade, single-head machine costs around $12,000 or lower, and that already includes basic supplies, software, and training. You can start with a secondhand model if you want, just be sure it is still in excellent working condition and still has several years on it. Otherwise, you might as well just invest in a brand new one.

The cost of maintaining this business is also low, as a cone of thread with about 5,000 meters costs below $7, and this will already go a long way. Other materials, such as backings, patch materials, needles, and toppings are also inexpensive and easy to find.

2. Will not take up much space

You can start this business at home without cluttering your space because a machine will barely eat into your floor area. When it comes to embroidery equipment, big doesn’t always mean better. There are efficient models that can rest comfortably on your tabletop and can easily be stored somewhere when not in use.

3. Your equipment is movable

Most types of machines are movable, so you don’t have to worry about taking up too much space. Other models also come with wheels, so you can easily transfer them from one room to another when necessary. After working, you may put the equipment into the closet or even pack it into the back of your SUV if you need to bring it with you to somewhere.

4. It’s not messy

Cleaning up your work area is as simple and quick as the setup process, so you won’t need to worry about mopping or leaving stains and spills on the floor.

5. There are customers everywhere

Almost every home and company will need embroidery work done for their household items, uniforms, casual clothes, labels, and many more. You will need to let them know that you offer this service, of course, so marketing is just as important.

6. It can be very profitable

Woman setting up embroidery machine

In addition to having a low cost of goods sold (COGS), embroidery work requires intricacy and talent that will give you the right to charge a premium for special services. Growth is quick, as well. Most of those who start with a small single-head machine find themselves looking for four-head equipment after a few months of operating.

In order to succeed in this business, you will need a reliable machine that will stay with you for years. There are commercial equipment pieces that can be linked to your laptop. Some models come with a software application to make it easier for you to create accurate designs. If budget is an issue, you can invest in a small embroidery machine at first, and then just upgrade to the industrial models when the orders pour in — and they will.

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