4 Effective Tips to Protect Your Home Against Pests

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4 Effective Tips to Protect Your Home Against Pests

The presence of pests may be associated with an untidy and disorganized home. This is especially true for rodents such as rats and mice. Other pests such as cockroaches may not cause direct harm, but they tend to interfere with your well-being around the house. Mosquitos, ticks, and bedbugs may be classified in a different category as they pose a threat to your health. For instance, mosquitos transmit malaria.

Dealing with the current situation

In the event that your home already has an infestation, the first step would be to eliminate the pests. Reputable pest control companies in New England provide exterminator services to both residential and commercial buildings at affordable prices. They provide comprehensive treatment not only to the affected areas but also any other potential sections that are susceptible to pests. Apart from the pest control services, clients may receive training on efficient ways of preventing future infestations. Always consider contracting the services of a pest control company at least once every six months.

Purchasing old furniture

Purchasing old furniture increases the risk of introducing pests into your home, especially for those pieces of furniture that have been locked up in a store for a long time. In such cases, the most likely pests may be rats, ticks, and bedbugs. When acquiring a used piece of furniture, it is essential that you inspect the piece thoroughly before taking it into your home. To be safe, consider treating the furniture with a pesticide to eliminate any bedbugs present. In the case of rats, look for any signs of holes in the furniture or damaged fabric as with the case of sofas.

Proper storage of food items

How you store your food items around the house determines how safe your house is from an infestation. Cooked meals especially require to be stored in sealed containers. If you are used to leaving food all over the house sometimes even on the floor, you may be putting your house at risk of an infestation. The same applies to leaving crumbs around the house. You may begin to see signs of cockroaches, especially at night. To avoid that, ensure that any crumbs are picked up and spills are cleaned thoroughly.

Backyard and litter bins

Backyard bin

In many homes, the backyard tends to be neglected, which provides a good hiding place for pests. The grass is often allowed to grow tall as attention is given to only the front lawns leading to the house, which are mowed regularly. Old household items such as damaged appliances and furniture also tend to be dumped in the backyard awaiting disposal. Soon, the backyard is invaded by pests that slowly make their way to your house. Always make sure to mow the grass and lawns at least once every month. Keeping the grass short ensures that pests such as mice lack a hiding place.

With poor waste handling being the major cause of infestations, avoid dumping old household items in the backyard. Instead, consider taking them to a waste management company where they may be recycled or disposed of appropriately.

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